Refill Service

Mila Mae & Co offer a refilling service as a way to reduce, reuse and recycle.

You can drop off your clean empty vessels, or post them back to us (this is a great option for the special vintage range if you live out of Auckland) and we will refill with the fragrance of your choice.

All you need to do is flick me a DM or email to arrange drop off or let me know your vessels are on the way to me.

Once they arrive I will measure them up and let you know the cost, once I have your payment I will process the refills.  

The cost of refilling the candles is charged by volume (including new wick, fragrance of your choice, soy wax and embellishments).

Cleaning your candle containers is easy, you can use our handy freezer trick (video is saved to our highlights reel on instagram) and then all you need is hot soapy water to clean out the residue wax.  

Please note any containers that are unclean will incur a cleaning fee of $5 per vessel

Up to 300mls - $30.00
300mls - 600mls - additional $5.00 per 50mls
600mls or bigger - additional $7.50 per 100mls
We can now offer pop in refills for the Geo Vessels - which means you won't have to return your vessels to be refilled, we will be able to just send you a refill to pop in.