About us

Hey guys, I'm Jenna. 
During lockdown I was exploring creativity and produced my first handmade scented candles just for fun. It soon developed into something that people wanted me to replicate for them and to give as gifts. I was inspired to explore ways I might be able to help support my family whilst being available and present for my husband and kids, using this creative outlet as it seemed my product had value.
With the support of my family I took a risk and founded Mila Mae and Co - an artisan custom candle company which has gone from strength to strength far surpassing my original ideas. I have curated my offering and fine tuned it constantly while learning every aspect of running a small business from the ground up. I am the self taught and peer supported CEO, CFO, designer and creator, CPO, Marketer, Strategy planner, photographer, warehouse assistant and the face of my own business.
My vision has been brought to life through hard work, determination and drive. I have learned a lot about what I am capable of and am proud to earn a living by creating a successful brand.

I hope that you love my products just as much as me!

Don't hesitate to get in touch, I'm always happy to hear from you guys x

Email - milamaeandco@gmail.com
Instagram - @mila_mae_and_co
Facebook - milamaeandco
Phone - +6421652472